Welcome to the most efficient and strategic marketing tool in RWANDA

This platform enables you to send text messages (SMS) to an Unlimited numbers of phone users in Rwanda in less than an hour

We are a multiple Purpose services in:

  • Announcing a family/friend’s event (weeding, birthdays)
  • Sharing professional meetings (General assembly, new direction etc.,)
  • Product promotion to strategic audience (i.e. only women in age between 25 and 45)
  • Notification alert (i.e. hotel booking confirmation, Yego Cab tax alert etc.,)

=> Please read carefully the description of our services below and choose the one corresponding to your needs.


1. Private Bulk SMS for 11 RWF/SMS


This platform will allow you to send the cheapest SMS in Rwanda to a list of your contacts in less than 10 minutes.

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2. Professional Bulk SMS for 15 RWF/SMS

Using this platform will guaranty a robust process of several approval steps before sending the final version of the text SMS to your organisation contacts list with immediate delivery or scheduled to a convenient time.

  • We offer a delivery report with a rate
  • You can reach us anytime for our 24/7 online support

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3.Marketing SMS Campaign or Notification alerts

Our platform will help you to market/brand your product and/or services in a strategic and efficient way.

  • We can target up to a quarter million of phone users in Rwanda
  • Depending on your market analysis and your requirements (age, gender, education and location) we will narrow this number to reach the customers who are most likely to respond to your messages
  • We guarantee a successful and immediate result.

This service can also be used by companies wishing to send out alerts notification via SMS in a scheduled time. It is designed to help hotels, health sector organs and schools.

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Please note that our displayed prices include VAT.